Mississauga Fruit Tree Community Organization is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit located in Malton, Ontario, Canada. The organization has 7 volunteer board members and is run by volunteers. The Mississauga Fruit Tree helps members in the community to access and share surplus fruits. We harvest fruit from local backyard fruit trees and this bounty is divided between homeowners, volunteers and food banks. This fresh, organic fruit is diverted from becoming food waste. Through working with community partners (food banks, churches, schools, social service agencies), we coordinate harvesting fruits for organized groups of low-income individuals. The current economic climate forces us to use all our resources especially all the tasty, fresh peaches, pears, apples, grapes, etc. This project enhances local food security and provides opportunities for community members to work together towards a common goal.


Stewardship: Improve the care of fruit trees and reduce the impact of fruit pests and diseases using non-toxic methods.

Harvest: Increase the amount of fruit harvested by supporting harvesting groups, developing the capacity of neighbourhoods to harvest, and promoting harvesting by tree owners.

Using and sharing fruit: Develop the capacity of people and groups to preserve fruit; effectively link those who have fruit with those who need it.

Community building: Build and strengthen connections within community groups through the planting, stewardship, harvest and/or preservation of fruit.


Online articles about Mississauga Fruit Tree

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Mission: Promoting equitable access to fresh local fruit and community initiatives for strengthening and empowering neighbors to share in the harvest of surplus fruits that would otherwise go unpicked or be wasted.


Community Partners

  • Knights Table, Brampton
  • Salvation Army, Brampton
  • Sikh Temple (Malton and Dixie Gurdwara)
  • Malton Library
  • Malton Mirror Newspaper
  • Mississauga Food Bank
  • Mount Zion Apostolic Food Bank