Mississauga Fruit Tree is passionate about helping everyone understand where our food comes from. How many children when asked where food comes from, would respond, “The supermarket”? It is only when we can touch, smell, and see the daily miracle of food growing that we truly understand where it comes from. Only then do we know what quality food means and only then can we begin to prefer fresh rather than processed food.
Our Backyard Garden Program is designed to link people that have space to grow food but don’t have the time with people who are interested in growing food but do not have access to space. The main goal is to support more food garden cultivation and to enhance local food access by empowering residents to be part of community food sharing.
The gardens will be set up at residential homes of community members who are willing to donate space to grow vegetables. The harvest will be divided in a fifty percent ratio between the homeowner and food banks. Our teams will create, maintain and harvest these gardens.

For further details or for registration, please contact us.