These 1 hour workshops are designed to teach and explain arboricultural practices, terms and concepts to individuals interested in adding to or improving their knowledge of trees. Key subjects include: pruning, diagnosis/treatment, plant health care, tree biology, identification & selection, soil & water relations, installation & establishment, nutrition & fertilization, and hazard tree management.

Tree Biology – This session will cover tree anatomy (structure) and tree physiology (function) including how a tree is put together, how it grows in its environment.

Tree Identification and Selection – This class will examine each tree’s unique characteristics used in identification. Class will also discuss how to choose a superior tree for planting.

Soils/Water Management/Tree Nutrition and Fertilization – This session will cover topics including soil texture, structure, pH, soil organisms, water management issues, essential elements for tree growth and fertilization methods, advantages and disadvantages.

Tree Installation and Establishment – There is only one right way to plant a tree. This section will discuss the proper techniques used in successful tree planting. Once a tree is correctly planted certain steps must be followed to ensure proper establishment.

Tree Pruning – Every planted tree must be periodically evaluated for pruning needs. This class will teach current tree industry accepted pruning methods.

Tree Pruning – Principles taught in the pruning class will be demonstrated out in the field. Students will have an opportunity to prune trees using hand tools (e.g., loppers, saws, and hand shears) that will be provided. Maximum number of students to facilitate the field exercise is 25.(Field exercise 3 hours)

Diagnosis and Plant Disorders/Plant Health Care – Insects, diseases and environmental conditions can negatively impact a tree in the landscape. Solutions to these problems will be discussed.

Trees & Construction – This session will cover effects of construction activities on trees and ways to mitigate construction damage.

Tree Assessment and Risk Management – This session will cover hazard tree management issues, decay and other tree defects.

Mississauga Fruit Tree offers tree pruning service. Special Pricing for Mississauga Fruit Tree Members! Benefits of tree pruning include improved health of your tree, increased airflow, fewer diseases, and improved quality and accessibility of fruit. You will have an opportunity to discuss tree health with an Arborist. You will also be supporting local youth who are interning with Mississauga Fruit Tree. And you will be left with a Clean Yard!

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